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Skies Counselling Melbourne is a Melbourne-based counselling service. It offers counselling to couples and individuals.

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Counselling is a way of working through problems in our lives by connecting with another person in a unique way. Together, the counsellor and the client explore the client's world in search of original solutions and positive healing outcomes. Counselling usually refers to talk therapy, but many other types of therapeutic interventions can also be used.


In therapy, we also connect to ourselves, our bodies, our friends and family, and our world.




In counselling, we learn to look at ourselves from a whole host of fresh perspectives. We discover things about ourselves, our lives and our relationships that we didn't know. We learn how to be kinder to ourselves, how to take risks in pursuit of what we want, and how to navigate our way through difficult life stressors such as depression and anxiety.




Through exploring our lives, we gain access to a broader array of choices. With greater choice comes the freedom to live in new and liberating ways, as masters of our own destiny rather than servants of circumstance.

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Skies counsellors use a unique method of holistic conceptualisation. After an initial session of history-taking and discussion, our counsellors will develop an inclusive conceptualisation of the presenting problem, taking into account everything you have shared with them. This conceptualisation is then used to point to the most appropriate of a number of therapy methods (some of which are listed below). The counsellor will consult with the client, and they will decide together how to proceed. The conceptualisation is updated organically as new information comes to light in the course of therapy.




Person-centred psychotherapy is the foundation for all Skies counselling. It operates from the assumption that although the counsellor is an expert in theories of change, the client is the expert in their own lives. The role of the therapist in the person-centred framework is to support the client, who has all the resources necessary to make effective change themselves. This active service model is in contrast to old-fashioned methods of counselling in which the therapist is assumed to always know best, and dishes out advice and judgement to the client.




While talk therapy can be very effective, sometimes problems are best solved outside of the realm of thought and language. Art therapy gets you out of your head, and into your creative instincts, using media such as paint and pastels. Skies clients have the option to use art as another way of exploring problems and solutions - one that can offer some surprising insights.




Skies counsellors may also draw from a range of other techniques and approaches as appropriate, such as Gestalt, Transpersonal, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy and many others.


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